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Football Perspective Turns Four Years Old

Welcome to footballperspective.com. Football Perspective is a blog about football history, football stats, and football stats and history.

That’s how this website started, four years ago today. Moments later, I published my first piece of football analysis at the site, about… newly-drafted Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Forget election cycles, there’s your reminder that four years is a really long time.

It’s hard for me to talk about this site without talking about The Streak: every day since June 15, 2012, Football Perspective has published a post. Now, at various times over the last couple of years, I had decided to end The Streak.  Heck, a year ago today, here’s what I wrote:

I say that because a few months ago, I decided to slow things down. Instead of posting daily, I decided to cut back to 3-4 posts a week. That plan was supposed to go into effect in … March.  So far, I’m off to a really bad start.

In the intervening twelve months, I’ve switched jobs, endured the end of a long-term relationship, and twice watched Ryan Fitzpatrick implode against the Bills. Yet even when times are tough, the last thing I want to do is devote less time to this site.  Perhaps especially when times are tough. And that’s because this community is awesome.

And that’s because of you. I can’t emphasize how cool it is that smart, successful people, most of whom I have never met in real life, are coming to this site just to see what’s going on. How lucky is a writer to have a community where people are willing to take time out of their busy lives to check in on what you’ve written? That’s a daily shot of adrenaline that’s hard to beat.

But if there’s one thing I’m even more proud of than that, it’s how you guys conduct yourselves. The comments sections on the internet are known for being awful, but you go out of your way to be civil to others and to provide thoughtful, intelligent, and meaningful responses. There really is a Football Perspective community, and it’s a very cool thing. I know many of you guys feel it and know exactly what I’m talking about, so my inability to articulate how different it feels here doesn’t matter. Let’s just be glad it is the way it is.

I can never answer the question about the long-term plans for the site, because there are none.  And when your site launches with a Justin Blackmon article, short-term planning may be more up your alley. But I know how honored and lucky I am to be part of the Football Perspective community, and I just hope you guys get a sliver as much joy out of this site as I do. So today, let’s all celebrate: four years running, this thing is as strong as ever. And that’s thanks to you.

  • I’m glad you exist.

    • Thanks, Bryan. This website wouldn’t be the same without you, and there certainly would be no streak. So we are all glad that you exist, for this reason (among others).

      • Guess I’ll dump out this cup of hemlock.

      • Adam

        I’m glad both of you exist.

  • welshpete

    Congratulations on everything. I don’t comment much, but I visit more days than I don’t, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read through every article since I discovered you around 18 months ago.
    You can rest easy that from this side of the atlantic, you genuinely spur my stat-nerd NFL fandom on an extremely regular basis!
    Thanks man!

    • Thanks, Pete. Very nice of you to stop in and leave those kind words!

  • Alejandro

    We thank you for your service, sir. Stats and trivia are the only way some of us can survive the offseason.

    In seriousness, my experience shows that this site has some of the best football statistical analysis on the Internet to this day, especially with the increase in guest posts that have helped you out, which allows for a variety of ways to analyze the same position (say, the wide receiver debate this past week) to have their day in the sun. I’m glad this site continues to exist, and we wish you the best in the year to come!

    • Thanks, Alejandro. I know it can be annoying to take a few minutes to type out a comment, but I appreciate it! Today is definitely a day to celebrate, so thanks for joining in!

  • sunrise089

    Happy birthday Football Perspective, I’m glad the streak is going stronger than ever 🙂

    This continues to be an amazing site Chase. The only two football sites I load every day without fail is Barnwell’s ESPN landing page and this one.

    • Thanks, sunrise. I know if the site is making you happy then it is doing a good job. Appreciate the loyalty!

  • Adam

    I’m glad both of you exist!

  • Tom

    Four years, and still going strong! What can be said that hasn’t been said? This is a great site; I’m thankful for the well-researched, balanced posts we see here daily, and the fact that Chase invites any of us to post our own articles.

    One more thing: I am really, really grateful that when I land here, I’m not bombarded by 30 or so distracting images on every side of the damn thing I’m trying to read. I realize having more ads would bring in more revenue, so I certainly wouldn’t stop reading if more were up (you deserve to be paid for what you’re doing). But it’s almost relaxing being able to come to the site and then get down to business – reading another great football post. Thanks Chase!

    • Thanks, Tom. I’m glad you’re a big part of the community here.

      And I agree, the only ad is the one at the top (which, I have been meaning to fix because it doesn’t line up properly, but I haven’t had the time to do it). I have no plans to add any others.

  • Congrats on the 4 years! Its a great site for football fans and hopefully that continues for the next 4 years.

    • Thanks, Jason! The more Jets guys on here, the better 🙂

  • AgronomyBrad

    Happy Birthday!
    Not to sound redundant, but I echo what everyone else has said here. I don’t comment frequently, but I don’t go a day without checking this site. And I agree that the community responses that go along with the content are what really makes this site unique. Not only is the content original, well-though out, well-researched, and interesting, the amount of intelligent and civil discussion that goes with every post really sets Football Perspective apart. Thanks for all your work.


    • Thanks, Brad. It’s so cool to hear stuff like this: even if you don’t comment, knowing that you’re stopping by every day is awesome.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  • TN

    Just wanted to say, like a lot of other people have said, that I check this site every day, and am very glad it exists. Providing fresh content every single day is difficult but much appreciated.

    • Thanks, TN. It is difficult, but it’s also fun. And it helps keep the brain sharp, like doing a crossword puzzle.*

      *Statement has not been confirmed by the FDA.

  • Josh Sanford

    I read this page EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I often end up taking the links back to the older articles, too. My life is better because of the work that you do: you enable me to enjoy football even more than I otherwise would. Thanks and don’t stop.

    • That’s awesome, Josh. Appreciate you sharing that with me. Please continue to be a part of this community!

  • Corbin

    Congrats! I’ve only been reading your site for a few months, but I can’t wait to keep going into the actual season. It has definitely led to a greater understanding of the game

    • Thanks, Corbin. I sure hope the site continues to grow and bring in new readers. We look forward to keeping you happy!

  • BGA

    I love this site and read it every day. Thanks for creating it and keeping it going. The streak is astonishing and I’m shocked (and pleased!) that you haven’t broken it yet. Keep it up! (But no pressure to keep the streak alive, it’s already gone longer than any reasonable person could hope.)

    • Thanks, BGA. Appreciate you stopping in to say those kind words.

  • David Richardson

    Just wanted to echo everyone else on here. Not sure I’ve ever commented before, but I check in nearly daily and love the intelligently thought through and honest debate I always find. As an NFL fan on the other side of the Atlantic who used to think I knew a fair amount about the history of the game, it’s been great to find a site which takes the historical perspective so seriously and in many ways has shown how little I know or how little football culture has truly penetrated our culture over here despite the sport’s phenomenal growth in the past decade or two. Thanks for all the great work!

    • Thanks for taking the time out to leave a note. We are all part of the FP community, even if you haven’t commented before.

      Thanks for the kind words.