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There’s no debate: FP is really good and a team effort.

On June 15, 2012, I launched Football Perspective. Since that day, Football Perspective has posted a new article every single day. Remarkably, this is the 1,998th post published at this site.  You can fact check that claim here, and at the top of every page is a link to the Historical Archive, a page that is updated after each post is published.

There’s no way this site could still be up and running — much less producing content daily — without this community.  Getting to know you, getting help from you, and just learning and enjoying football with you is an awesome experience. Your contributions to Football Perspective is what makes this a website and not a diary. A special thanks to all the guest writers, who help keep this site fresh and interesting.

Every day, I consider myself lucky to be able to participate in a community where people willingly take time out of their busy lives to check this little site.  But today, I consider myself just that much luckier.  Thank you to the many people who have helped me get this site to where it is today. I hope you forgive me if the site’s 1,998th post is a little shorter than most, but hey: we have a birthday to celebrate.

  • Four Touchdowns

    Thanks, Chase — this is a very cool site and I look forward to enjoying more of your analysis!

    • Thanks, my friend: and thank you for doing your part to help keep the streak alive!

  • Andrew Healy

    Happy Anniversary, Chase! It is truly incredible that you’ve kept this streak going and with such insightful work.
    You’ll be passing Gehrig this year and Ripken in less than two!

    • Thanks, Andrew! And thanks to you for always being a part of FP, including as a great guest contributor.

  • Richie

    Thanks for keeping with it!

    • Thanks, Richie. You have been around forever and that is just awesome.

  • Tom

    Love this site Chase, appreciate the time you put in to it! And man, you are prolific…you’re like Prince. Check him out compared to other 1980’s mega-stars:

    Prince: 37 albums in 38 years, 1 Album per Year (APY)

    Michael Jackson: 10 albums in 30 years, 0.3 APY
    Madonna: 13 albums in 33 years, 0.4 APY
    REM: 15 albums in 29 years, 0.5 APY

    Those other guys aren’t even close…so yeah, you’re like the Prince of football posts…

    • Thanks, Tom. I think I’ll take it: and thanks for the great guest posts over the years, and the thought-provoking notes in the comments.

  • sacramento gold miners

    Appreciate your hard work with this site, my only regret is not discovering FP earlier. Perhaps an update on the early articles would be of interest. I also enjoy the civility of this site, fans can agree to disagree without the slings and arrows seen elsewhere.

    • Thank you, sgm. You often bring a different perspective to the table, and it’s great to have you. We will always welcome you here.

      I agree: updating the older stuff is a good idea.

      • Yeah, updating stuff like the QBGOAT series and the Best Kickers of All Time calculations would be a great source of content for this offseason. I’ve always loved stuff like that, as well as the occasional historical deep dives you publish on the NFL. Keep up the good work!

  • LightsOut85

    Thanks for all the work over the years, Chase. I really enjoy the ideas & findings outlined in the posts, and the discussions stirred up in the comments. Here’s for many more to come!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy visiting this place. That means we’re doing something right.

  • Congratulations, Chase! Glad I could play some small part!

    • Thanks, Jason! And your contributions have always been appreciate.

  • Topher Doll

    Truly an achievement. The fact it has been so long since the PFR days kind of amazes me but thanks for all the amazing content.

    • Thanks, TD. It means so much that you have been around for so long. It is the best compliment I can receive.

  • Ryan

    Thanks to all who contribute here, a rare must-read website!

  • Adam

    Late to the party, but just want to say that I’m proud to have been part of such a great community for five years running.

    • Thanks, Adam. You’re a huge part of this community, so thanks to you, too!

  • Matt Waldman

    Congratulations, Chase. Well done.