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Call for Guest Writers

There’s no more enjoyable community than the Football Perspective community. Over the past few months, I’ve been devoting more time to my day job, which is a very good thing. The only downside, of course, is that it leaves less time for me to devote to Football Perspective. And while The Streak is still alive, it would be nice to have guest posts from time to time.

For awhile, I was lucky to have the uber-talented Neil Paine as a guest writer at Football Perspective, but then 538 snatched him away. Then, Andrew Healy emerged out of nowhere and has been a fantastic guest writer in his own right. Well, the ink isn’t dry, but I’m hoping that Andrew has leveraged his exposure here at Football Perspective into another great gig. I’ll be sure to let you know if that happens, although I hope regardless we’ll still be seeing some of Andrew around here.1 But it sure wouldn’t hurt to have another writer or two who was willing to contribute.

To be clear, Football Perspective has always encouraged guest submissions: Steve Buzzard was a fan of the site and submitted a couple of guest posts.2 And, of course, there was Shattenjager’s legendary post on the Swamp Fox. But in case you weren’t clear, Football Perspective willingly accepts guest post submissions. If you ever want to submit a guest post, all you need to do is write it and email it to me at chase[at]footballperspective[dotcom]. I don’t need a bio or an explanation for why you should be considered for a guest post: at Football Perspective, content trumps all.

  1. Is this an unbashed way of saying contributing at Football Perspective is a good way to get noticed? Absolutely! []
  2. And Steve has since been hired by Footballguys.com. []
  • Legendary? Thank you, but that certainly feels like hyperbole!

    I’m not Neil or Andrew, certainly, but I hope I can get my stuff together to write a few more things. It would probably be good to write things once in a while that do not include paragraphs of drooling over Karen Gillan. 🙂

    • Chase Stuart

      We need more Shattenjager here for sure.

  • I’d love to as well. My site is basically FP, Jr. as it is. I don’t touch on betting or fantasy because I don’t care about either (blasphemy!), but I cover just about everything else.

    • Chase Stuart

      Hey man, whenever you want to submit something, just shoot me an email.

  • Ty

    I’d like to contribute something, someday. The main thing is just being able to figure out what to write about. Is there a specific length that you would like your articles to be?

    • Chase Stuart

      I’d say any length is fine, although in general I would expect most of the guest submissions would match the tone and length of the typical article on this site. That’s far from mandatory, though, and the only requirement is that it being interesting to FP readers.

  • Ajit


    I would like to possibly look into the evolution of game scripts over the years. DO you have a full database for it?