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Trivia: St. Louis Rams and Receiver Turnover

From 2000 to 2008, Torry Holt led the Rams in receiving yards in every season. But since then, St. Louis has gone to the other extreme: in 2009, the leading receiver was Donnie Avery, followed by Danny Amendola in ’10, Brandon Lloyd in ’11, Chris Givens in ’12, Jared Cook in ’13, and, believe it or not, Kenny Britt in 2014. That’s seven different leading receivers for St. Louis over the last seven years. If that continues in 2015, the Rams will become just the 4th team since 1950 to have eight different leading receivers in eight seasons.

Now, no team has ever done it in nine straight years. So, today’s trivia question: Can you guess any of the three teams to run this streak for eight seasons?

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  • Ryan

    Coming from a Bucs fan, Alstott led ’96 Bucs as a FB/RB! And Williams led ’97 Bucs with only 486 yards! Is there an easy way to look up the lowest team-leading receiving total across the league, by year?

  • Tim Truemper

    Guessed the Bucs. Wow, Mike Alstott as leading yardage receiver for his team. I think Ryan has a good research query. Results can be called the “Alstott effect.”