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Trivia Podcast with Jason Lisk of The Big Lead

Longtime readers know that Jason and I started together at the Pro-Football-Reference blog. Over there, Doug, Jason, and I would compete in trivia podcasts from time to time, which was as geeky as you think it is. Well, Jason and I got together last week and asked each other multiple questions in three separate categories. The way we structured the podcast, it should be easy for you to listen and play along at the same time, too.  Post in the comments how you fared, or just make fun of me for not knowing anything about NFL trivia compared to Jason.

You can listen here, or via iTunes here.

  • JWL

    I will have to listen again to the Cardinals question. Maybe I missed something. Stump Mitchell did average 5.5 yards per carry in 1985.

    • Chase Stuart

      Here you go.

  • JWL

    Yeah, I may have missed something. My kid was talking at that part of it and I didn’t want to go back.

  • Richie

    That was great. I hope you do more.

  • Danish

    Fantastic. I did poorly as usual, but I enjoy these so much. Well done.