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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, April 15

Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is likely going to be the first overall pick in the draft, especially after his dominant performance at the NFL Combine.  He would be the second front seven player from the SEC to go number one in three years, after Jadeveon Clowney was the first overall pick in 2014.

But only one other front seven player from the SEC has gone first overall.  Can you name him?

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  • sacramento gold miners

    Yes, I remember Aundray Bruce, definitely a bust as a number one selection. Played DE in college, but was an unsuccessful outside linebacker. A physical marvel, but had problems digesting the defensive playbook. Would make a fine play because of his athleticism, but then give up a big play because he was out of position.

  • Ryan

    I got this one with no hints!

    Thanks for the trivia (I’m not usually that good :))

  • I was completely incapable of guessing without any hints, because I have no idea what the SEC is. However, I thought of the right guy with the first hint and was sure I was right after the second. I had an advantage for this one, obviously. 😉

  • For some reason Courtney Brown occurred to me first, thinking Alabama, not Penn State. Drafted by Atlanta was the giveaway to me.