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Trindon Holliday’s perfect season: can he go 19-0?

Holliday went 11-0 with the Broncos in the regular season.

Holliday went 11-0 with the Broncos in the regular season.

I was going to save this post for later today if the Broncos won, but seeing as how Trindon Holliday just set a playoff record with the longest punt return touchdown in post-season history, the timing feels more appropriate now. Holliday was a sixth round pick of the Houston Texans in 2010. At 5-5, many viewed him too short to be effective in the NFL, but the Texans saw potential in him as returner (he led the SEC in punt return average in 2009 at LSU). Holliday didn’t make an instant impact, but the shortest player in the NFL in 25 years is trying to vault one of the biggest hurdles in the game: a 19-0 season.

Holliday led the NFL in punt return yards this season and finished the year 16-0. Wearing #16, Holliday gained 341 all-purpose yards in five games with Houston before the Texans decided that he wasn’t providing a big enough spark in the return game. The Broncos quickly scooped him up, and the Broncos finished the year 11-0. That gave Holliday a perfect 16-0 season. According to my data, no player has ever gone 19-0 in a season. Can Holliday become the first?

  • Richie

    I don’t think I had heard of him until today. I bet he becomes famous now. He needs a nickname, like “ice cube”.

  • Chase Stuart

    I’m going to go ahead and say no.

  • JWL


    Did you watch the DEN-SD MNF game? Holliday had trouble fielding a punt in that game. It was almost a one-and-done scenario for him with the Broncos.

    • Richie

      I did watch it, but I don’t remember his name or his fielding problems. My brain really seems to pick and choose what things it’s going to remember.