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Super Bowl 50: Post Your Thoughts Here

This year, I will be live-blogging the Super Bowl at 538: Here’s a link:


But I wanted to make a place for everyone who wants to write about the Super Bowl, so please leave your previews/in-game reactions/post-game thoughts here. Enjoy!

  • Nathan Sanford

    Truly hard to imagine the Broncos pulling this one off. Manning getting a victory would be a stunning capper to an incredible career.

    • Tom

      Agreed, the Broncos are the clear underdog here, this would be a defining game for Manning if he plays well.

  • Richie

    Mike Carey was wrong again on instant replay. But, I’m on his side for that one. How was that NOT a catch for Cotchery?

  • Richie

    What did Talib do wrong???

  • sacramento gold miners

    The announcers missed it, but Newton had some kind of leg injury early in this game.