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Interactive Trivia: Jerry Rice And [_______]

One of only two players to ...

One of only two players to ...

If you play with enough filters of the “my dad can beat up your sister” variety, you can get some pretty counter-intuitive results. For example, Jerry Rice and DeSean Jackson are the only two players in NFL history to catch 350 passes, gain 6,000 receiving yards, and average 17.1 yards per reception through their first six seasons. Here’s proof.

Here’s another one: Jerry Rice and Brett Favre are the only two players to ever catch a pass after turning 40 years old.

Like touchdowns? Rice and Cris Carter are the only two players to catch 35+ touchdowns from inside of five yards.

And one more: Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie are the only two players to ever score a touchdown after turning 42 years old.

But putting Rice in a group with Hall of Famer (or future Hall of Famer) isn’t very fun, and even Flutie and Jackson are good enough players that the trivia isn’t shocking. Hence today’s post: I want to see who can come up with the worst player to be in a bit of Rice trivia along these same lines. I will defer to mob rule to select a winning entry.

The rules:

1) The trivia must take this form: “Jerry Rice and [___] are the only two players…”

2) Everyone must be eligible, so no restrictions based on team. So it can’t be “Rice and Terrell Owens were the only two 49ers to… or “Rice and Deacon Jones are the only two players from Mississippi Valley State to….”. However, a “Rice and [__] are the only two players to [________] for two or more teams would be acceptable. Make sense? If not, hey, give it a shot and maybe the crowds will approve.

Fire away, and remember, the PFR play index is your friend. Multiple entries are not just permitted, but encouraged.

  • How obscure are we allowed to get? Jerry Rice and John Kamana are the only two players to catch 7 passes and a TD in a single season despite playing in two or fewer games with one or fewer starts. http://pfref.com/tiny/aUhqW

    • Chase Stuart

      Pretty borderline, but I’m tempted to allow it.

    • I, for one, am impressed. It’s going to be awfully tough to find one with a worse player than John Kamana. A career AV of 0 is hard to beat!

  • Jerry Rice and Eric Moulds are the only players to have a 60+ catch season averaging at least 20 yards per reception as well as a 60+ catch season averaging under 11 yards per reception.

    Moulds wasn’t a bad player by any means, so I’m assuming I’m going to be beaten out pretty quickly.

    • Chase Stuart

      I’ll assume that’s true — if so, I love it!

      • Here is everyone with 60+ catches averaging 20 yards per catch in a season (14 entries, 13 players. Lance Alworth did it twice.): http://pfref.com/tiny/HS2P0

        I just manually went through each of those to check since it was only 13 guys. The best search I can get to get the other players, because there have of course been many of those is every WR (The only “non-WR” on the other list was Elroy Hirsch.) with 60+ catches averaging no more than 11 yards per catch (52 entries, 38 players. Wes Welker has done it six times, Hines Ward three times, and several guys twice.): http://pfref.com/tiny/1E6RS

        It’s unfortunately a bit of a cumbersome one for the play index because it won’t come up in a single search!

        • Chase Stuart

          Nice work. I love Moulds; he’s deserving of a bio one day.

          • welshpete

            Eric Moulds became one of my favourite players, just a few days ago….when I discovered we were born on the same day ! Cheesy I know, but what the hey!

  • Justin

    Jerry Rice and Lenny Taylor are the only two players to have a single season with receiving yards per game greater than 35 and rushing yards per game less than -4.

    • Chase Stuart

      That certainly meets the criteria…. impressed that you guys are coming up with some truly random stuff!

  • I don’t know if this is cheating, or if it’s too particular, but let’s see what y’all think:

    Jerry Rice and Ricky Sanders were both drafted in the 1st round, 16th overall, one year apart. Rice is a Hall of Famer. Sanders was never selected to a single Pro Bowl or All Pro squad.

    (1) They are the only players in NFL history to have a 40+ yard receiving touchdown in a Super Bowl-winning performance where they also caught at least 9 passes.

    (2) They are also the only players to have caught at least two 40+ yard, Super Bowl touchdowns while also having a Super Bowl (win or lose) with at least 9 receptions.

    40+ yard Super Bowl TD receptions: http://pfref.com/tiny/Uzqyz
    9+ receptions in Super Bowl win: http://pfref.com/tiny/d26vy

    The fact that they were drafted in the exact same spot, one year apart, gives it that extra spookiness.

    • Less interesting, in my opinion, but still kinda cool: Jerry Rice and Deion Branch are the only receivers in NFL history to have two Super Bowls with at least 10 receptions.

      source: http://pfref.com/tiny/PZ059

      This bit’s irrelevant, but Branch shares two qualities with Sanders: both were drafted by the Patriots and both have a Weighted Career AV of 52, compared to Rice’s 159.

      Hopefully, however, their poor AV and lack of Pro Bowl/All Pro honors qualifies the two for “worst players with something in common with Jerry Rice.”

      • Chase Stuart

        Ah, Branch and his silly SB #s.

    • Chase Stuart

      A little bit of a stretch, but hey, why not?

  • Jason

    Jerry Rice and Bill Groman are the only two players in history to have 150+ receiving yards, 0 receiving touchdowns, and a passing touchdown in a single game. Groman accomplished this in 1960, his rookie season, Rice did this in 1995. Groman had a great first two years for Houston with over 1,000 receiving yards in each season. His career fizzled out quickly playing only 4 more years and totaling only 800 yards over those 4 years.

    • That is awesome. I also find it hilarious that Rice’s TD was 41 yards while Groman’s was 3. There cannot be a lot of non-QB TD passes of under 5 yards.

    • Chase Stuart

      Nice! The crazy part is that you had to include the 0 receiving touchdowns qualifier to filter out (Baltimore) Mark Clayton and Louis Lipps.

  • Ryan

    Obscure fact: Jerry Rice and Jeff Gossett are the only two non-QB to rush for 20 or more yards at the age of 39 or older.

    • Ryan

      Crazy filtering on this one, Jerry Rice and Billy Hillenbrand are the only two players with at least 1 rushing TD, 10 or more TDs, 1400+ Rec/Rush YDS, 900 Rec YDS, and less than 550 YDS rushing in a single season…maybe the most obscure players that would have accrued at least 1 AV?

      • Chase Stuart

        Doesn’t Steve Smith also meet that cutoff?

        However, I found a similar enough query to narrow it to just Rice and Hillenbrand, so nice job!

  • James

    Jerry Rice and Bob Shnelker are the only two players (non active) to play for two teams in their final season and record more than 25 receiving yards per game while playing at least 14 games.

    • David

      weird and good.

  • Malene, CPH

    Jerry Rice and Charlie Wade are the only two players ever to have a rookie season with more than 35 receptions and 675 yards and no more than 1 fumble, while starting only 4 games or fewer and scoring only 3 or fewer Rec TDs.

    • Malene, CPH

      btw, Charlie Wade never caught another NFL pass.

  • ammek

    Rice is one of only two players to average more than 72 yards per reception in a Monday night game against the Giants. The other? Billy Davis of the Cowboys.

    Rice’s final 100-yard receiving game came in a loss where his team, the Seahawks — it still never feels right to type that — scored 39 points. The only player to have more than Rice’s 145 yards on a team that scored exactly 39 points and lost was Cleveland’s Quincy Morgan (151 yards versus Kansas City in 2002). The full list of 100-yard receivers whose teams scored 39 points and lost is: Morgan, Rice, Hewritt Dixon and Al Denson (both of the Broncos, versus KC in 1964), and … Randy Moss! (vs Buffalo in 2002).

  • Malene, CPH

    Oh. Jerry Rice and tiny, tiny kick returner Howard Stevens are the only two players to have 50 or fewer career pass attempts, and between 80 and 90 career rushing attempts, while managing to fumble 25 times or more for their career.


  • Bob

    Jerry Rice and Lloyd Winston are the only two players in league history to ever average -10 yards per carry or worse in a season of two games or fewer with a season AV of 1 or less.

    Both also played those seasons for the 49ers.


  • I forgot to say it before, but this was a really fun idea, Chase. I loved reading through the entries and figuring out mine.

  • mrh

    Jerry Rice and Dexter Carter are the only two post-WWII players to play 17 regualt season games and have receptions for both teams they played for.

    Bonus: the were once teammates.

  • David

    Here we go. “Jerry Rice and BUBBA BEAN are the only two players…who were drafted in the first round in the post-merger era and have rushed for at least 5 TD’s with under 500 rushing attempts, have thrown a TD and INT with less than 100 Pass attempts, AND caught a receiving TD.”

    Bubba Bean (great name), in three seasons, had a career AV of 14. Jerry Rice’s AV in his last three seasons at ages 40-42 had an AV of 23.