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Franchises Nemeses: Receiving Stats

On Wednesday, I looked at the players who threw for the most yards and touchdowns against each franchise. Yesterday, I did the same with rushing statistics. Today we will close out the series with a look at the key receiving stats.

Let’s again start with some trivia.

Which player has the most career receptions against one franchise?

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What about the most receiving yards?

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And finally, any guesses as to the most receiving touchdowns?

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Now that the most obvious trivia of the day is out of the way, let’s get to the career lists. Let’s start with the career receptions list.

TeamOpposing WRRecGms
ATLJerry Rice17529
STLJerry Rice16632
KANTim Brown14826
NORJerry Rice14729
DENTim Brown14329
CHICris Carter13724
SDGTim Brown13332
JAXReggie Wayne13322
CINHines Ward13127
INDAndre Reed12828
SFOIsaac Bruce12825
CLEHines Ward12625
HOUReggie Wayne12422
MIAAndre Reed12225
ARIArt Monk11527
OAKTony Gonzalez11423
SEATim Brown11428
TAMCris Carter11425
NYJAndre Reed11029
DETCris Carter11023
PHIJason Witten10919
GNBCris Carter10821
BALHines Ward10825
NWEMarvin Harrison10617
TENReggie Wayne10322
NYGArt Monk10126
PITDerrick Mason10022
BUFWes Welker9916
WASMichael Irvin9620
DALArt Monk9625
MINDonald Driver9222
CARRoddy White8616

As always, the G.O.A.T.

As always, the G.O.A.T.

Jerry Rice was the career leader against his three division rivals, and nearly caught more passes against each of those teams than any other receiver has recorded against any other team. Only Tim Brown’s 147 catches against the Chiefs prevented that, and Brown himself has a nice resume: he was the career leader in receptions against each of his four AFC West rivals. The only other player pulling off four team trick was Cris Carter against the old NFC Central teams.

Andre Reed (Colts, Dolphins, Jets) and Art Monk (Cardinals, Giants, Cowboys) got three out of four teams, but Marvin Harrison (Patriots) and Jason Witten (Eagles) stopped the clean sweep. Hines Ward is the career leader against Pittburgh’s three AFC North rivals, as is Reggie Wayne with respect to the AFC South. And in addition to Witten, Tony Gonzalez is the only other tight end on the list.

The list obviously has a modern flair, with players like Wes Welker (Bills), Derrick Mason (Steelers), and Donald Driver (Vikings). That will change when we look at receiving yards.

Receiving Yards

TeamOpposing WRRecGms
ATLJerry Rice273129
STLJerry Rice255132
NORJerry Rice202529
KANTim Brown202126
SFOIsaac Bruce192525
JAXReggie Wayne185622
DENTim Brown182629
BUFDon Maynard179524
MIAAndre Reed173125
INDAndre Reed171828
SDGTim Brown171132
NWEDon Maynard170923
SEATim Brown168628
DETCarroll Dale168125
ARIArt Monk161027
NYJStanley Morgan159125
CINHines Ward158827
HOUReggie Wayne157722
CHICris Carter157024
BALJimmy Smith152215
OAKTony Gonzalez151523
CLEHines Ward149025
DALCharley Taylor146322
WASRoy Green143721
TAMCris Carter141625
NYGBob Hayes139416
TENDon Maynard138818
GNBRandy Moss132015
MINJames Lofton131218
PHIArt Monk129927
PITCarl Pickens128917
CARTerrell Owens115216

Rice takes the top three spots here, which is very Jerry Rice of him. Tim Brown still has the lead on his four division rivals, but Randy Moss and Carroll Dale stole the Packers and Lions from Carter. Dale was a good player, but he really shined against the Lions. Both of his career 200-yard games came against Detroit, and his fifth highest receiving yardage total also came against the Lions.

Don Maynard steals the Bills, Patriots, and Titans/Oilers franchise from Welker, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne, the receivers with the most receptions against those teams. In addition to Dale and Maynard, we get some other pre-merger players on here with Bob Hayes and Charley Taylor. Football Perspective favorite Jimmy Smith is on the list, as are ’80s stars James Lofton, Stanley Morgan and Roy Green.

A couple other surprising names are Carl Pickens and Terrell Owens. The latter isn’t surprising in the abstract, but seeing him against the Panthers is a bit unexpected. Only two other players have 1,000 yards against the Panthers — Joe Horn (1,094) and Roddy White (1,126), who should pass T.O. this year. Most of Owens’ damage against Carolina came when the 49ers and Panthers were together in the NFC West, although he also had 100-yard games against Carolina with both the Eagles and Cowboys.

What if we look at receiving touchdowns?

TeamOpposing WRRecGms
ATLJerry Rice2529
STLJerry Rice2032
NYGBob Hayes1916
DENArt Powell1714
MIAWesley Walker1718
INDAndre Reed1628
SDGSteve Largent1621
NYJIrving Fryar1621
CINHines Ward1527
NORJerry Rice1429
BUFDon Maynard1424
NWEDon Maynard1423
SEATim Brown1428
ARIArt Monk1427
DALMel Gray1419
TENDon Maynard1418
GNBRandy Moss1415
PHICharley Taylor1420
KANAntonio Gates1316
WASRoy Green1321
PITGary Collins1314
SFOAndre Rison1213
DETCarroll Dale1225
HOUReggie Wayne1222
OAKLance Alworth1216
CLEIsaac Curtis1222
TAMSterling Sharpe1214
CHIRandy Moss1015
BALJimmy Smith1015
MINJerry Rice1012
CARTerrell Owens1016
JAXMarvin Harrison913

I’ll sign off and wait to hear your thoughts in the comments.