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Draft Capital Used By Position: TE

Regular readers know all about the Football Perspective Draft Value Chart, which is derived from the approximate value actually produced by draft picks at each draft slot. Over the next week, I will be showing how much draft capital has been used to select players at certain positions in every draft since 1990. This will allow us to see how much the league’s view on the value of a position has changed, while also giving us a visual insight into the volatility among the talent in draft classes is from year-to-year.

I will be staying out of the commentary for now, so I encourage you to post your thoughts. To make comparison across positions easier, I will be using the same scale for each position. Let’s look at the graph for tight ends:

  • Quinton White

    Just eyeballing it, it looks like average draft capital spent on TEs is about half that spent on WRs. Considering the number of WRs on the field, I find this at least mildly surprising. I may be underestimating the number of plays which use two TEs.

    • Kevin Mills


      • Richie

        Thanks for the insight.