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Today at 538: Is it time to freak out for fans in Carolina and Arizona?

The Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals were the two most successful teams during the 2015 regular season. Carolina posted the league’s best-record, at 15-1, and led the league in scoring margin (+192). Arizona had the second-best record in the NFL (13-3) and finished with the second-best margin (+176). Carolina’s quarterback, Cam Newton, was selected as the league’s most valuable player and the first-team All-Pro quarterback by the Associated Press, while Arizona’s quarterback, Carson Palmer, received the second-most votes for that All-Pro slot.

The two teams met in the NFC championship game, with Carolina winning in a blowout, 49-15. And, of course, the Denver Broncos upset Carolina in the Super Bowl. But ugly performances by Carolina and Arizona in their final games of the 2015 season didn’t temper preseason expectations: NFL.com’s preseason power rankings had the Panthers and the Cardinals as its top two teams. But with both teams starting the 2016 season with a 1-3 record, is it time for panic?

You can read the full article here.

  • Richie

    The parallels between the two teams is fascinating.

    • Tom

      Agreed…didn’t know the way their respective games unfolded was so similar.

    • Yeah, i thought so too!

  • Tom

    Now that is a great headline. Your idea Chase?

    I agree, both teams should be freaking out: teams that are 1-3 have only a 14% chance to make the playoffs (per 538 article by Benjamin Morris). The Rams might come back down to earth, but Seattle is only going to get better. For the Panthers, the jury is still out, for me, on Atlanta, so I think the Panthers might have a shot at squeaking out the division title. But yeah, if Newton is out for any extended period of time, they’re in big trouble.

    • Heh, that one wasn’t mine, either 🙂

  • Josh Sanford

    I know we have discussed the “curse” of losing the SB, but boy does it look like a real thing this year.