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2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

I’ll be speaking at one of the panels at this year’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The panel is titled “Football Analytics: Please Stop Punting” and I’ll be joining Mike Lombardi, John Urschel, and Sandy Weil in a general discussion about football analytics and ways to improve the game. I suspect that I am up to the task, but to the extent I am not, moderator Bill Barnwell should keep me in line.

If you’re attending, give me a shout.

  • That’s awesome. Way to go, man!

  • Tom

    Great news Chase, very, very cool. Like probably every reader of this site, I have a ton of respect for your writing and the work that you do here, so congratulations!

  • Teddy Salad

    Congrats. There are a number of speakers at the conference I’d like to hear, including you, Dave Cameron, PFF people (including Collinsworth), Andrew Brandt, and Mike Lombardi. A shame that no one from Football Outsiders will be there, as I respect their work quite a bit. If there’s one (theoretical) panel I wouldn’t miss it’d be a discussion on methodology for evaluating offensive linemen.

    • AgronomyBrad

      And defensive backs. In particular, handing out grades without coaches tape

  • Richie

    Do these presentations get posted online?