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New York Times, Post Week-6 (2014): Big D in Detroit

This week at the New York Times, I looked at the dominant Detroit defense.

It is a new football era in Detroit. For five years, the Lions were known as a talented but undisciplined squad that failed to reach its potential under Jim Schwartz. The defense, in particular, was high on names but low on production. And while the offense had its moments, it was asked to do too much: In five years Detroit won only two games when it failed to score 20 points, the second fewest in the N.F.L. over that span behind San Diego.

But this year the new-look Lions have already won a pair of low-scoring affairs against division rivals. In Week 3, Detroit held the Packers to 7 points, the fewest in any game that Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers started and finished. The Lions also held Green Bay to 223 yards, the fewest in any game with Rodgers since 2008. On Sunday, Detroit’s defense was outstanding: It recorded eight sacks and three interceptions against Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and forced five three-and-outs with a sixth drive ending in a four-and-out.

You can read the full article here.

  • RustyHilgerReborn

    Love the article (although I may be biased towards Lions-centric articles, given how rare they are).

    It should be mentioned that in the Lions secondary, one starting corner is 34, the other was benched multiple times in 2013, the primary nickel corner is a 4th-string street free agent signed in mid-September, and the starting strong safety missed three games due to injury. It defies explanation how the Lions have such a good pass defense.

    I know Rod Marinelli has less to work with overall on defense, but I think Teryl Austin has done more with less strictly regarding his secondary.

    • Dave

      Brian Xanders. From the moment we hired him he’s paid off. Convinced that he’s the reason we’re finding gems in the rough.