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New York Times Checkdowns: Blake Bortles, TDs, and INTs

This week at the New York Times, a look at the surprisingly good — and unusual — season of Jaguars second-year quarterback Blake Bortles.

Curiously, Bortles also ranks second in the N.F.L. in interceptions this season, with 16, and is one behind the injured Manning for the league lead. Since 1970, only three quarterbacks have led the N.F.L. in both touchdown passes and interceptions: Drew Brees in 2012, Lynn Dickey in 1983 and Brian Sipe in 1979. Bortles has a decent chance of joining that list, but even finishing in the top three in both categories is unusual.

You can read the full article here.


  • Adam

    Not only has Bortles improved significantly from his rookie season, but his playing style has done a complete 180. In 2014 Bortles was a checkdown machine, compliling one of the most YAC-heavy seasons in history. In 2015 he’s been a mad bomber, with 60% of his yards coming through the air. I can’t remember such an abrupt stylistic change from a QB who didn’t switch teams or coaches.

    • Yeah, that’s an interesting point. I think it’s a sign of the maturity of the whole offense, which was super young last year.

  • John

    I don’t know why Bradley is staying when he’s a defensive guy and the defense sucks. The reason for hope is the offense

  • Richie

    I’m surprised that despite Bortles’ improvement, the Jaguars only won 2 more games than last year. The Jags “felt” better than a 5-11 team. I guess the defense really let them down.

    But they are in a good position. They get another top 10 pick, that they can use on defense, then they get Dante Fowler back. So it’s like adding two top-10 draft picks to their defense next year.